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Each coffee has very different taste qualities similar in complexity to wine. Some people simply prefer red wine over white while others can tell the difference between vintages of the same wine. Coffee is the same way and offers similar choices.

If you are new to the world of coffee one way to start is to consider the following table comparing wine and beer choices to comparable coffees.

Wine and Beer Comparison
Wine Beer We Recommend
Burgundy/Port Guinness/Porter French/Italian/Dark Sumatra
Merlot/Pinot Noir Boddingtons Black Canyon
Pinot Grigio/Zinfandel IPA/Amber Ales Guatemalan & Most Medium Roasts
Chardonnay Corona/Pacifico/Bud Mexican Altura/Flavored Coffees
Wine Cooler Coors/light beer Kaldi’s/Decafs/Tea

The best coffee for a hangover is Black Canyon... low in acid, easy on the stomach and nice to the cranium! (a little water never hurt)

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